September 5, 2012


After reading this post, I began looking around my home and realized that despite how much I adore chevron, there was not a stitch of this terrific pattern to be found in our house!  Being in full DIY mode around here (we purchased our first home last year, a definite fixer-upper) - I began brainstorming quick ways to incorporate some graphic patterns into simple and easy decor projects (simple and easy are my new thing since I became a mommy last year as well!)  This spray-on chevron DIY can be applied to many other items (think canvas or scrap wood, bottles, rugs, smooth vases, doors and doormats to name a few).

We all know there is a plethora of chevron inspired tutorials out there, but what I like about a vase is that it is cheap (leftover from awesome bows+arrows flowers from my sweet husband) and small in scale, which really means, it takes less time, is low cost, and is almost instant gratification.  I like to think of chevron just like stripes or polka dots - classic, always fresh, and here to stay.  Here is my quick + easy take on this great pattern -  after all it is labor day weekend, and we are supposed to be if DIY is how you unwind, this one should be a piece of cake!

  • smooth surface vase (it can be any shape)
  • spray of choice (I chose Rust-o-leum Frosted Glass spray, but you could use any color, metallic, or even glass etching cream)
  • tape (masking tape, or any painters tape)
  • X-ACTO® knife or scissors (X-ACTO® works best)
  • tape measure
  • ruler
  • dry erase marker
1. Start by measuring your vase and marking off your chevron pattern. My vase was 15.5" - so my sections were approximately 1.9" inches (it doesn't have to be perfect!) I used a few binder clips to hold my measuring tape in place, but you could also use a few small pieces of tape. Don't worry about the marks, you can remove them before spraying and what remains under the tape can removed at the end.  There are a few different methods to tape off a chevron pattern - I essentially used this method, but you could do this one too.

2. Next create your first section of chevron (trim with an X-ACTO® knife or scissors - a knife is much easier!).
3. Using your first section as a guide, cover the entire surface with tape. Use your marker and knife as needed to cut your tape/sections just right.
4. Remove only the sections where you want your spray to cover, any sections left covered with tape will be clear.

5. Spray your vase in a well-ventilated or outdoor space - use paper or some kind of barrier - and watch out for over-spray! (or your husband, dad, roommate, or landlord might not be the happiest of campers!) Follow the directions on your can for best results.

6. Now for the best part! After you've applied a few coats and everything is dry, carefully peel off the tape! (use your X-ACTO® to lift tape + trim points) yay!
7. Get some pretty flowers (real or faux!) to fill your vase (I can't wait to see what the new Trader Joe's will have in the way of a floral department!) and admire your new chic chevron vase!

Get as creative as you want - I did a simple chevron, but you could create a herringbone pattern, chevron with varying widths, or smaller/tighter version.

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